Herminio Cordido wrote us in May to tell us about an exciting project he was working on dubbed "Self Induced HALO".

"The project is basically to climb inside a cloud with my paraglider as high as I can (I think 7000 meters is a reasonable height) and jump with my BASE parachute from there."

We provided Harminio a Nanovario for the project, which he has been using daily.

"I have been flying it everyday, love it! i am using the first of the smooth profiles and it suits my flying perfectly."

For the planned HALO jump, a vario is a particularly useful tool since clouds can dramatically reduce visibility and lead to disorientation. Along with the Nanovario, Herminio used a sailing compass to provide an artificial horizon and a flight computer for navigation.

"The audio from the Nano [was] my main audio orientation device. It worked flawlessly and keep me knowing how fast and how to center the thermal while blind and wet!"

We congratulate Herminio on a safe and successful jump.